cropped-File-23-07-2015-22-21-35-1.jpegSamuel Morris is a writer currently living on the fringes of respectable Cambridge society. He spends most of his days balanced precariously on the back of a punt, sharing tales of dubious historicity with tourists.

His short fiction has appeared in Philosophy Now, Litro Magazine, Black&White literary journal, as well as the Ether Quick Reads app.

He has also written for the stage, and his novel ‘Cold Turkey and the Case of the Missing Crime’ was published in 2009.

His fiction could be best described as what would happen if Voltaire took acid, fucked Raymond Chandler and then laid eggs in C.S. Lewis’ chest.

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From this website you can explore some of Sam’s writing, thoughts, news, and (if you’re that way inclined) his tweets


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